Monday, December 19, 2011

Giveaway time!!!!(ended)

Because this is a special time of the year, with lots and lots of presents i thought to start my first giveaway that i'm very, very excited:D So if you want to win some of my handmade jewellery just have to follow my blog and click the button "Join this site". Once you did that all you can do is wait for the second day of Christmas 26 december when the giveaway will end i will choose one of my lucky followers:)
 Almost forgot to tell you about the prize, well especially for this giveaway i will make a cute bracelet and a pair of magic earrings:).Hope you are excited as i am!!!Soo spreed the news and wait the magic day 26 december. Also as soon as possible i will post the photos of the giveaway...kisses!:*

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