Monday, May 7, 2012

Sex And The City 2

Hello ladyes!!!:)
I know maybe i'm not the first and the last that is going to write a post about the already famous movie SEX AND THE CITY, but i can't help myself, i love this movie tooo much so i felt like i have to do this post even if i'm not the only that has a crush on carrie hihih:P
I thought that i want to write about the last movie Sex and The City part 2, and especially about the outfits that caught my eye and that i really but really like them. The major part are those worn by Carrie-Sarah jessika Parker, i just love this women, she has something special and magic in the way she acts but also in the way she wears her  beautifullll dresses and shoes of course.
I just love the feeling that this movie gives and that is glamour in very big doses. It gives women all over the world the power to feel glamours and beautiful at any age. This is my impression and hope i'm not the only one:)
Even that we can't wear every day such elegant and luxurious outfits, we can feel this way without all that.
I know this is a movie, but it's a movie about every day life and everyday women. behind all the clothes
I think this is a movie i could see it over and over again, maybe because i love Sarah Jessica Parker and her fabouls dresses, fancy shoes and no limit card. A life that every girls would like to have even for a day:)
I love her chic style, but the thing that love the most is the way the fabric drapes along SJP’s body in every outfit she puts on, is so romantic. All her dresses are so flawless, it gives the feeling of a hot summer, or a long holiday. She is a real source of inspiration♥
Like i sad it i will show you some of my favorites pieces from Sex and The City 2 -Carrie -, and if you haven't saw it yet, you should, it's a movie that has to be seen girls!

this is a farytale dress mixed with the amazing Dior tee♥


 one of my favourite dress, she is really like a princess on the beach

this dress is flawless♥

♥ love story♥

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

WIWW Seaside time

Hello everyone!!! I think we can finnaly say that the cold weather is going slowly but sure away! Even if the rain is still visting us, the temperatures are definitely in the good direction. 
Because we saw such a good weather we decided to go to the beach for a romantic walk in the sand and to feel for the first time this year the sea at our feet. We choosed Anzio, a beautiful city by the sea, with really nice view, interesting architecture and let's not forget the amazing beach.
Once arrived there, we felt like summer has came earlier and everybody was tanning on the beach, even taking a   bath in the sea(still the water was cold)....i couldn't believe my eyes but all this was true!
Aniway, we had our walk along the beach, took some photos, visited the port of Anzio,ate tasty,tasty icecream  and of course we ventured the old city streets. 
I decided to feel comfy so i choosed just a loosely tshirt, a maxi skirt and a pair of cute ballerina.
Here are some photos of my outifit and the places we visisted. Let me know if you had the oprtunity to go to the sea this year, even take some sun tanning or you are planning to go really soon:)
Lots of kisses!!!!

I'll link this post to the The Pleated Poppy ,you can join in too!Or just come and see some cute and really interesting outfits!:)

I was wearing

Tshirt - CK
Maxi skirt - Zara
Ballerina - Miss Sixty
Bag - Vintage
Bracelets - Handmade by Miha and Tiffany
Watch - Seiko

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Pretty,pretty colours!

Hello my sweet followers! I know that's been a while since i haven't posted anything about my handmade jewelry but never it's to late right? Sooo now it's time to show you some of my latest work. I choose bright colours, as you can see from the pictures, colours that i really like and that are very in this season. Hope you'll like my new collection, let me know what do you think girls!

Kisses, Miha♥