Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentine's Day

        I decided to celebrate this day with a very sweet and unique collection of jewelry that i made especially for this period full of loveee, even if i think that love can be celebrate every day,  in every moment, whenever you feel,  but in the end it's beautiful to have a special day -  Valentine's day!
     Sooo  hope you like my collection,  my little hearts, keys and lucky charms and also hope that you will have a wonderful and special day,  full of love, peace and sweet things!
Happy Valentine's Day!!!♥ Kisses Miha

My heart will be a treasure for your love,
my soul shelter for your sweetness,
       my breast a refuge for your silence.
I live in you like a flower under the sun.
I will listen to your soul as the rock hears the story of the sea!♥

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