Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Pretty,pretty colours!

Hello my sweet followers! I know that's been a while since i haven't posted anything about my handmade jewelry but never it's to late right? Sooo now it's time to show you some of my latest work. I choose bright colours, as you can see from the pictures, colours that i really like and that are very in this season. Hope you'll like my new collection, let me know what do you think girls!

Kisses, Miha♥


  1. Hy there!I just love the bijoux!!!! Especially the ones with butterflies and Earth theme. When you're coming home??? :D
    P.s.: there's a contest on my blog ;)

    1. Thank you sooo much Ioana!!!:)...Interesting question:P, even if i don't have an answer for the moment, i can tell you that if you like something you can have it with no problem. All you have to do is to send me a message on my fb or an email and we'll discuss more there.
      Kisses my dear:*

  2. Hello !! this post is great , love acessories!!
    I invited to known my blog :)


  3. All beautiful pieces! I am a new follower! Would you like to follow me back?